Door is closed but we have a way to come into the room

Due to the current outbreak in NSW and VIC our door is closed to all visitors. But now we have more people joining our services 7 days a week. After a while we start to feel the visual room on Zoom is like a real place. It could be a reluctant at the beginning but now we have all range of age groups in our zoom room every day.

Sunday Services

online service on Zoom will open 9.30am

10.00 Dhammachakkappawattana Sutta Chanting

10.20 Guided Meditation

10.50 Dhamma Talks or Dhamma Conversation

Everyday Programs

Daily Meditation

You can now join an online guided meditation via Zoom application daily at 7pm-7:50pm Sydney time.

Dhammachakkappavattanasutta Chanting

If you have a busy life, let make your life balance by spend only 25 mins to join our chanting.

The chanting will help to neutralize your mind before you go to bed each night.

So you will be ready to chalange your next day.

Wat Phra Dhammakaya Albury
Meeting ID 92057107836
Passcode 072
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