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Buddhism, 2600 years on

Not being a student of the history of Buddhism, there is little I can say about the transmission of Buddhism from India to so many countries throughout Asia, and now to the remainder of the world, other than commenting on … Continue reading

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Sydney lights up with the Buddha’s Enlightenment

More than 1700 devotees of Buddhism at the Sydney Townhall to mark the 2600th anniversary of the Buddha’s enlightenment, referred to as Vesak Day, on Sunday, May 29. Holding a candlelight, each participant reached out to the victims of the … Continue reading

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Newsletter Wat Buddhavongsayaram Volume 3, Issue 3, 26 March 2011

February has been another great month for the development of the Albury Buddhist Temple  (Wat Buddhavongsayaram) including many firsts.   This month has seen the creation of t-shirts for our members to wear proudly and make the decision about what … Continue reading

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