Buddhist Services Online #Stayhome

The health and wellbeing of the community is our top priority. In order to help slow the spread of COVID-19 we decided to turn our regular Sunday service to be online services on facebook live so everyone can join it from home.


Let click like and follow our Facebook page


Sunday service start 10.00 am

10.00am Dhammachak Chanting
10.18am Meditation
10.55am Blessing in Pali


People can join the service from home on their smartphone, ipad, computer or smart TV

Additional to the Sunday service we also have 30mins chanting in the evening at 8.00pm everyday seven days a week.

Evening Chanting 8.00pm

The Chanting in the evening we have 2 Sutta , We try to keep it simple and use these two meaningful Sutta to help purify our mind before meditation.

  1. Rattana Sutta
  2. Dhammachakkappavattana Sutta

Download the chanting paper (Pali English) here https://1drv.ms/u/s!AsUIrtF3p_jph-8uz3hCPZE3nDCWIQ?e=mNbro9


The live on https://www.facebook.com/MeditationAlbury will start around 7.50pm to wait for everyone to get ready and chanting start 8.00pm till around 8.30pm the live will be ended and you could take time after this to do your own meditation.


If you like to make offering please transfer you donation to
The Good Friends Albury Inc.
BSB 082406 Acc 713485490

This fund will then turn to be food for monks and maintenance cost on your behalf.

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UN Vesak Celebration 2018

Buddha n relic

The 2018 Australian Observance of the United Nations Day of Vesak, commemorating the birth, enlightenment and passing away of The Lord Buddha was held at Paul Keating Park in Bankstown, New South Wales on Saturday May 5, and was well attended by hundreds of enthusiastic and happy Buddhists and Non-Buddhists from around Sydney, and from around Australia.



The formal proceedings of this most auspicious event began at 10am with a warm welcome from the MC’s and traditional Buddhist chanting in the Pali, Vietnamese, Tibetan and English languages, by representatives from the monastic communities of the three major Buddhist traditions of Theravada (School of the Elders), Mahayana (Great Vehicle) and Vajrayana (Diamond Vehicle).



Prior to the chanting, Most Venerable Suddhamo, the president of the Buddhist Federation of Australia, gave a brief and insightful explanation on the significance and purpose of the chanting.

viet chant

The chanting was followed by meaningful speeches delivered by a representative of the United Nations, as well as representatives of the federal, state and local governments.

Sri Lanka

The key-note speech on the events theme, ‘The Spirit Of Generosity’ was eloquently delivered by the Most Venerable Dhammagavesi Thero, the abbot of Lankarama Buddhist Temple, who pointed out the importance of generosity in every aspect of our lives, both individually and collectively.

audience 2

The formal proceedings were rounded out with a Bathing of the Baby Buddha Ceremony and food offerings to the monastic community.


Throughout the day, attendees enjoyed delicious food from the many food stalls, as well as visiting the various other informative and educational information stalls.

service 2

The children and youth were also well catered for with fun activities provided, such as face painting, a jumping castle, fairy floss and other yummy delights on offer. They were also treated with an enjoyable and educational trivia quiz about the Buddha’s life and teachings. A children’s Buddhist art competition was also held, with all of the entrants receiving a prize. All winners and no losers.

fan dance

Continuing with the festive atmosphere, the afternoon featured on stage performances of song and dance from the many cultures in attendance. It was as if we were all travelling the world without leaving Sydney. The event concluded at 3pm with all of the performers on stage performing a fun rendition of ‘Wonderful World’. All in attendance had a wonderful time, with smiles all around.

jumping castle

We look forward to next year celebration. May we all be well and happy.



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7th Anniversary


When people get away from big cities like Sydney and Melbourne, they always try to explore something different from what they always see in the cities like beaches, water fall and historic places. But on Sunday 19th November 2017 some people were heading to Albury, city in the country around 330kms from Melbourne. They came to celebrate 7th Anniversary of a Buddhist Temple.

There are many Buddhist temples around big cities but only few small cities in Australia have Buddhist temples. It is not surprising because in the cities there are hundred thousands of overseas migrant from Asia who brought Buddhism with them but we can see not many migrants around in the country.

Learn Dhamma

The group who start this seven years ago in Albury is part of a group of Buddhist monks and lay people who originally from Wat Phra Dhammakaya Thailand. They brought their master’s visions to Australia and established a meditation center in Sydney in 1998. In later years the group gaining supports to have centres in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. Albury is only centre in reginal city they have in Australia.


The story of the journey in the past seven year was shared again in the congregation of 7th Anniversary by Phra Satit Thitadhammo. His journey at the beginning at South Albury wasn’t a nice one. Late 2010 start running Sunday service with no attendant which later gaining some and have regular comers on Sunday. Perhaps it is because the area, the temple had twice broken in, and rock attack at the time he spent there around two years. Finally he has to leave the place in South Albury due to unsolvable legal issue of that property. But all these did not stop him to continue the journey. He had in mind that “Without this centre it will be no light of the Dhamma in this region” He understand how hard to have a temple running here with little support.

In September 2013 after they have no place to run Sunday service the group always thanks to AISHA FLOW YOGA who generously offered them the place as a temporary home for almost a year.


The big turning point of the temple is when they found the property to be a permanent place for the temple. They aimed to find the place which has beautiful nature surrounding, big size of land, close to the centre of Albury-Wodonga and affordable price. They were lucky enough to find this property on East Street which was exact what they were looking for.

“I feel very proud that we carefully selected the best place to offer to the Buddha to be our Buddhist Temple. Our Temple building might not be so magnificent but for the beauty of the surrounding view, which would be hard to find elsewhere.” Said Phra Satit


A part from beautiful place they also have nice and warm welcome community here. The temple keeps traditional activities and also integrates some other activities to meet the Australian culture and diversity of the community.


The slogan for this year is “Step forward to the sustainable community”
Phra Satit explained that how we can contribute to make this sustainable community. Regarding to Buddhist practice the first step to make this society in good balance is giving. He emphasized to the audience that this is not just to talk but look at ourselves to make opportunity when we can be a giver.


On the celebration day they had set up a table for home grown sharing and it was very successful. People bring home grown to share kids make fresh orange juice to serve and say thank you to people that brought food to share on the day. It was a wonderful time that everyone enjoyed.


Additional to this year activity of the temple they also have an association called The Good Friends (Albury) Inc. The group will bring the Dhamma practice to life. Phra Satit, the founder of this association mentioned that the entity applies social entrepreneurship as its development strategy. They will engage more in supporting the local community as part of the practice as well as running eco-friendly community online store. The store will help to maintain financial sustainability of the temple. The good friends Albury store have its slogan “an eco-friendly innovative social enterprise” The information about The Good Friends (Albury) Inc. can be found from their facebook page and http://thegoodfriendsalbury.org



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Reflecting on the Global Light of Peace 2017


A week has now passed since the Global Light of Peace 2017 was held at the Big Top in Luna Park Sydney, on the night of the 5th September.

Participants from all Religions, Nationalities and Cultures were impressed with the evening even those already accustomed to working for World Peace.


The large audience enjoyed performances including Aboriginal dancing and music. One of the highlights was the ability to participate in a guided thirty-minute Meditation simultaneously experienced around the world in like-minded Countries and communities. With the aid of modern technology those unable to attend on the night were able to view and participate live on Facebook to help create World Peace through Inner Peace.


The event benefited from the insight and experience of several guest speakers:


Ms Patricia Garcia  a worker with the United Nations Association of Australia spoke of her work focusing on sustainable development goals, seventeen of which were formally adopted by 193 countries. These goals are a plan and a vision to transform the world to a future that we all want. They involve tackling poverty, eliminating injustice and protection of the environment. Ms Garcia explained from meeting refugees from all parts of the world that they all had one thing in common, they all wanted to have peace.


Dr Tomek Wyczesany a Scientist and Author commented on how remarkable it was that we were all here from all parts of the World to support World Peace. He said that we may have different languages and tell different stories but the purpose was the same that is to find a peaceful and happy existence. He spoke of connections with Neuro Science and peace with regard to the human body, when we feel well and function properly we feel healthy. He explained that this orderly and harmonious connectedness of body and mind is called by Scientists the “State of coherence” and he mentioned the importance of healthy habits of body and mind if we wish to see peace in the world, quoting Mahatma Ghandi’s famous saying  “ You must be the change you want to see”


Mr Paul Taylor spoke from the Christian perspective and of how happy he was to be there and to share the evening. He explained that Christians also meditate and that Jesus was a mediator and was able to deliver to the world remarkable teachings about peace and non violence. Mr Taylor said he believed world peace was possible and that it has to start with the worlds religions being able to share in meditation and in deep inner stillness and silence.


Morni Chen during her speech advised we all can definitely bring inner peace but we needed to have the intention and for that we needed to know the value of peace.

She quoted a word she discovered during her time in The Philippines called “Calinao” that means peace. It translated as Clear Mind, she went on to explain the importance of the connection of peace and the ability to have a clear mind.

She reinforced how important it was to be focused on Peace at this time in World events.



Globes representing the light of peace were illuminated by each participant, the image of a room full of individual lights conveying the power of peace as all present meditated together. The event created a joyful atmosphere with many people looking forward to being able to assist MMI next year to create the Global Light of Peace for 2018.


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Few days away to GLOP 2017

A million peace makers plan to join an online meditation session for world peace on the full moon day in September 2017


The group of peace makers from around the world are looking forward to the exciting event with a gathering of a million people to join the online meditation to create world peace on the 5th September 2017. The event will run simultaneously in six locations in six continents around the world including The Big Top at Luna Park in Sydney, Australia.


The Middle Way Meditation Institute (MMI) believes that world peace can be created by inner peace and many peace makers and meditation groups around the world agree. It is anticipated when the meditation event is undertaken that it will inspire more people to participate. MMI has achieved some large scale international and multi-faith events in the past years.

This year MMI contacted and invited all peace-making groups who agreed with the concept of “World Peace Through Inner Peace” to join hands in organizing the Global Light of Peace 2017. This event will occur simultaneously with six other international cities around the world including New York (USA), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Barcelona (Spain), Mozambique (Africa) and Iloilo City in The Philippines and in Australia MMI in partnership with 60TH Dhammachai Education Foundation will be held the event at The Big Top, Luna Park Sydney from 8.30pm-11.30pm

Global Light of Peace 2017 in each site will include a thirty-minute meditation session, Words of peace from multi-faith spiritual leaders, live peace music and the global light of peace image. Each of the thousands of participants will contribute to the light of peace image. They are representing people in many parts of the world who are now sharing the light of peace. This event will be broadcast live online from six locations and anyone can join.
https://www.facebook.com/glop2017au for Australia)

Now it is only few days to go, at Sydney location the organising committee confirm that we will have Traditional Aborigine Welcome Dance to well come all the participants. The words of peace will be shared by some multi-faith spiritual leaders, representative from United Nations Association of Australia (UNAA) and Harlem-Cruz Atarangi Ihaia, Miss Universe New Zealand 2017.

After lighting Global Light of Peace 2017 participants will enjoy two versions of “World Peace Through Inner Peace” songs, the original and the new version. The organising committee hope that this event will help participants to balance their peace in mind as well as being entertained.





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Light of Peace on the full moon night at Luna Park Sydney


The press conference of the Global Light of Peace event 2017 was held on the afternoon of Friday the 18 August 2017 at the Palais conference room, Luna Park. This is the first time in Australia this kind of activity has been undertaken and will be organised by The Middle Way Meditation Institute, with assistance and volunteers supplied by the 60th Dhammachai Education Foundation. The facility will be provided by The Big Top, Luna Park in Sydney.



The group of peace makers from around the world are looking forward to the exciting event involving a gathering of a million people who will join the online meditation session to help create world peace on the 5th September 2017. The event will use communication technology to allow anyone to join the online live broadcast.

This event will occur simultaneously with six other international cities from around the world including, New York (USA), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Barcelona (Spain), Mozambique (Africa) and Iloilo City in The Philippines,in Australia the event will be held at The Big Top, Luna Park Sydney from 8.30pm-11.00pm


Global Light of Peace 2017 at each site will include a thirty-minute meditation session, Words of peace from multi-faith spiritual leaders, live peace music and the global light of peace image.


Tickets are available now and can be booked online at bigtopsydney.com

For further information call Jaye on Mob. 0402 255 434



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GLOP 2017


Global Light of Peace 2017 (GLOP2017) is another world peace project initiated by Middle Way Meditation institute (MMI) established in Thailand with the aim to promote world peace through inner peace, the meditation practice. The institute has been organising an event of this kind of project and has achieved a great success in The Philippines three years continuously from 2013 to 2015.

This year, MMI is organizing GLOP2017 to remark the 100 anniversary of the discovery of the Middle Way Meditation Practice by its founder master on the full moon day in September*. The event will be held in six continents at the same time.


Sydney will be representing one of six locations, Australia. 60th Dhammachai Education Foundation (60DEF), a charity foundation based in Australia which has one of its objectives in promoting meditation practice, has made its commitment to assist MMI in organising this project in Australia.

The Inner Peace Leaders Retreat was recently held in Sydney on the weekend of 14th-16th July 2017 to unite the hearts of core volunteers of the GLOP2017. Nevertheless, MMI is openly welcome more volunteers who are interested in taking part in the successfulness of this event.

The place to hold the event has to be where the top view image of the LED candle lighting can be clearly captured and also convenience for people to come as well. A hall in Sydney Luna Park was selected as Luna Park in one of the well-known icon of the city of Sydney which will make the event more attractive to people.


The timing of the event is one of a very challenging tasks for the organising committee as this is a global event that runs simultaneously around the world, which means 10.00 pm. in Sydney will be 08.00 am. in New York etc. The tentative programs will start at 8.30 pm. On the full moon night, Tuesday 5th September 2017. The program includes Peace Talks, Peace Music, Meditation and lighting of the Global Light of Peace.

The organising committee is pressed with time and is closer to finalize the program and the online booking system to enable the participants to secure their seats in the GLOP2017.





*Most of the traditional important days in Asia use Luna calendar.

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Vesak 2017 in Shepparton

Vesak - May 2017

Millions of Buddhists worldwide celebrate Vesak Day (this year – 10th of May 2016), an officially recognised United Nations (UN) observance that commemorates the birth, enlightenment (nirvāna), and death (Parinirvāna) of Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism.

Vesak is the most  important Buddhist Festival held on the full moon of the ancient lunar month of Vesakha, which usually falls in May annually.

Two years ago we celebrated our first Vesak Day event in Shepparton thanks to generous support from City of Greater Shepparton, Ethnic Council of Shepparton, People Supporting People, Sri Lankan Community and local Buddhist community.

For the third consecutive year, we are celebrating Vesak Day 2017 on Saturday 13th of May at Queens Gardens.

We would love to invite you to come and celebrate “Vesak” or “Buddha Purnima” with us from 5:30 pm and 7:30 pm on Saturday 13th of May 2017.

Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact Sam Atukorala on 03 5831 2395.

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UN Vesak Celebration 2017


Many Buddhist communities are now aware that this year’s UN Vesak  Celebrations will be at Paul Keating Park, Bankstown NSW on Saturday 6th May 2017. The change of venue this year from the Sydney Town Hall has allowed for more variety, including an information stall, a Food stall and other activities on the grounds of the park.

10322697_581763821922829_7613507396911589023_nThe Buddhist Federation of Australia first initiated in Sydney The Australian Observance of the United Nations Day of Vesak in 2007. Its purpose was to promote Vesak Day to enable the celebration to become well known to the public.

13244860_939442929488248_4881062722848726674_nBy holding this event year by year another benefit has emerged. It has allowed the various Buddhist groups, cultures and traditions to unite and work together as one to promote the Vesak Day Celebrations, united in their hearts to promote and honor the Buddhas Day.


The celebration provides a good opportunity for many who are interested in Buddhism and wish to experience and meet Buddhist monks or Buddhist organizations from various traditions and nationalities. 


However, the UN Vesak Celebrations can be enjoyed by anyone not only Buddhists. The theme for this year is “Living in Harmony”. The event will help to bring a colorful peaceful culture to Bankstown on the day. Apart from the Buddhist cerebrations there will be International food, Cultural performances and children’s activities which will ensure a pleasant family atmosphere and a great day for all at Paul Keating Park from 9.30am-3.00pm on Saturday 6th May 2017.


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