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Soumana suttra (Giving vs not giving)

Once upon a time Princess Soumana with 500 princesses paid respect to the Lord Buddha and asked him the following: Oh! My Lord if your 2 disciples who had equal faith, morality and wisdom but one was more charitable than … Continue reading

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The fruit of rejoicing in others’ merit

Making merit by offering to the Sangha will gain countless fruit to the giver like the farmer who plants the crops in a rich soil. Those who wish for heavenly existence and nirvana should choose their merit field wisely. The … Continue reading

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The six roads to ruin(Abai ya mook)

Abai ya mook (bad drive) means the entrance to destruction. All of us like to be successful in life but with lack of right understanding or lack of discipline some may walk their life in the wrong ways. The Dhamma … Continue reading

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A New Way to Celebrate New Year in Sydney

New Year is the time to celebrate, the time to reflect the year passed and the time to make resolutions for the year ahead. People celebrate their New Year in many different ways. For Buddhists in Sydney, they chose to … Continue reading

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