Middle Way Meditation class is now available in the Solomon Island

Noel Sam Luta

The class is conducted by newly qualified Middle Way Meditation Coach (MMC) Noel Sam Luta.  Sam was a local from the Island who was selected to attend the 3 month training course in Thailand.

The goals of this training program are to give interested individuals the opportunity to practice meditation for an extended period, and to undergo personal training in accordance with universal Buddhist practices. Those who have completed the training and received the MMC certification will have the opportunity to teach meditation internationally. The course instruction is in English.

Sam’s training schedules included:

  • Learn the Heart of Buddhism in theory and practice including meditation practice and of Buddhist teachings, culture, and perspective on the goal of life. (28 days)
  • In-depth meditation practice. (42 days)
  • Training of essential skills to become an MMC (14 days)

After the completion of the course, he was qualified to teach Meditation in his own country. Sam has already conducted 4 meditation classes since he arrived back in the Solomon Island. The class gives the local an access to the knowledge of inner peace.

The running cost for the class and the cost of living for MMC in the Solomon Island are supported by the local charity organisation, 65TH Dhammachai Education Foundation.

For more information of the MMC program, please follow the link below:

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2 Responses to Middle Way Meditation class is now available in the Solomon Island

  1. patteson luta says:

    Great continued brother to change the world 🌎

  2. patteson luta says:

    Great continued brother meditation can change the world 🌎

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