The Buddhs’s Relics Exhibition Opening Ceremony, Sydney CBD


Buddhist monks and laypeople in Sydney are very pleased to receive a large rare collection of the Buddha’s relics and the relics of his disciples from a collector in Queensland. The collection is on loan for an exhibition in Sydneyduring 24th December 2011 to 1st January 2012. 

In the morning of Saturday 24th December, many invited guests arrived at the office of the Buddhist Federation of Australia and 60th Dhammachai Education Foundation which is now turned to be the exhibition room.

The opening ceremony begins with meditation to purify their mind to receive the relics. After meditation, a procession was formed led by Most Ven. Sudhammo (Phra Kru Palad Nayok Worawat) carried the Buddha’s relic received from Sri Lanka to be the first relic to put on display followed by thirteen laypeople, each carried a relic to be displayed in the exhibition. This is to formally mark the opening of the exhibition.

The exhibition was open to the public around 1.00 pm that day and will open every day from 10.00am-6.00pm until 1st Jan 2012.

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