The six roads to ruin(Abai ya mook)

Abai ya mook (bad drive) means the entrance to destruction.

All of us like to be successful in life but with lack of right understanding or lack of discipline some may walk their life in the wrong ways. The Dhamma can be translated as “natural law”. It applies to all being regardless of nationality, religious, gender or age. The Lord Buddha only discovered (not invented) the Dhamma. The Buddha mention six roads to ruin (bad drive) which we must avoid as follow:

There are at least 6 kinds of bad drives.

1) Drinking alcohol.

2) Going out at night.

3) Entertaining.

4) Gambling.

5) Associate with bad people.

6) Too lazy to work.

These bad drives will ruin the conscious state of mind, resulting in falling into bad habits, often doing wrong things shamelessly and not afraid of kamma.

What are the negative effects from bad drives?

1) There are 6 negative effects that drugs and alcohol will cause:

1.1 Waste of money which is obvious

1.2 Fighting due to clouded mind and wrong judgments.

1.3 Illnesses.

1.4 Loss of good reputation of oneself and the family from bad behaviours and conducts due to loss of conscious mind.

1.5 Loss of self-control which will lead to shamelessly perform bad things such as sexual misconduct or lying.

1.6 Loss of intelligence because it will ruin the nervous system and brain cells.

Going out at night

2) There are 6 negative effects from going out at night:

2.1 Not taking good care of yourself.

2.2 Not worrying about others in the family.

2.3 Not taking good care of your assets and the reputation of your family.

2.4 Others are apprehensive of you.

2.5 Will always be reproached by others.

2.6 Continuously cause problems.

3) There are 6 negative effects from continuous entertaining:

3.1  Not being interested in earning a living.

3.2  Wasting money unnecessarily.

3.3  Wasting time watching the entertainment.

3.4  Being irresponsible at work.

3.5  May lead to perform sexual misconduct.

3.6  Constantly living in a dream world.

4) There are 6 bad results from gambling:

4.1 The winner gains vanity while the loser loss his/her faith

4.2 The loser will try to recover the lost and may result in losing more money.)

4.3 The loser wastes a lot of money unnecessarily.

4.4 You are not trustworthy.

4.5 Friends always look down on you.

4.6 No good people will want to marry you.

There is an old say that,

to have the house on fire 10 times is not as bad as one loss in gambling as the fire only destroys the house but the land is still there. With gambling, you stand to lose everything, your money, the house, the land, your friends, your jobs and even the family. It may send you to bankruptcy. No one would want to be associated with you as in people’s eyes, the gambler is one of a thief, con-artist and swindler who will rob you in any way he/she can.

5) There are 6 negative effects from associating with bad people:

5.1 Leading you to gambling.

5.2 Leading you to sexual misconduct.

5.3 Leading you to be an alcoholic.

5.4 Leading you to be a bad example to others.

5.5 Leading you to cheating.

5.6 Leading you to be a gangster.


Associating with bad people can lead you to be involved with all bad drives. It is important to sort out the kind of people you associate with. It should be the most concern of parents with young children to consider and teach their children to stay away from friends that lead them to all kinds of misbehave. Make them understand the consequences of involving in wrong doing, intentionally or not, with the group of bad friends. Point out to them the cases that we see and hear so often about innocent children who have problem with the law because they mix with the wrong group of friends.

6) There are 6 negative effects from being lazy toward working. There are two types of people in this case. One is that they are born lazy and the other develops the habit from the bad example of people they associate with. Their excuses of not working would be:

6.1 It is too cold to work.

6.2 It is too hot to work.

6.3 It is too late to work.

6.4 It is too early to work.

6.5 It is too dark to work.

6.6 They are too thirsty or too hungry to work.

People who always ask to push the day back to start work tomorrow; they will always be lazy and never want to work. When they don’t work, they won’t have money.

These bad drives are the road to ruins. People who take the journey on this road will find themselves in all kinds of trouble, being deep in debts, being on the wrong side of the law, having physically or mentally ill health or even being suicidal. People who managed to take themselves from this road would say the same thing that if they could turn back the time, they would not even consider taking the journey on this road at all.

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