A new page of Wat Albury

After a few unfortunate incidents – the burglary – twice in 6-7 weeks, garden equipments and machineries, old and newly replaced ones, were part of the items taken. Ajahn Satit took an ironic step to fix the problem by donating any items of some value kept at the temple, to other charities. The idea is to deter the burglar from the temple as there is nothing valuable enough for them to come back and repeat the offence. The strategy seems to work so far.

On Sunday 22nd April, we had a different kind of incident, a ‘pigs attack’. It was not a joke, it was really happening. During the meditation session, everyone could hear the noise ‘Oui, Oui’ outside the meditation hall but we kept meditate to the end of the session.

Six pigs from the next property came in to attack the lawn around the small Vihara at the temple. Usually at Sunday service we could hear loud music from our next door neighbour but there was no music on this Sunday. We had the pigs instead. They have made a terrible damage to the lawn around the Vihara.

It was not a pleasant incident that happened to us and the temple but everyone took it with their kind heart and saw the funny side of it.

The ‘pigs attack’ should make the Wat Albury story more colourful and lighten up the situation of many obstacles happened to us lately. But on the other hand, this incident should not happen as the pigs’ owner should take the responsibility to keep the animals within their boundary. If they cannot do that, they should not be allowed to keep any animal in their property at all.

This Sunday also marked another page of Wat Albury. Now that the temple owns no garden tools and equipments, the maintenance of the ground became the group activity for the members. It was the first meeting for the task on Sunday. Everyone brought their own tools to help, two lawnmowers, two bush cutters and many other hand tools. After the service, everyone got out in the garden and started to work. It was a nice day, clear blue sky and everyone seemed happy to lend a hand to keep the temple ground in good order. It was good to see the smile on everyone’s face as evidence in the photos.

More photo click https://skydrive.live.com/?cid=9b7cbca22262a164&sc=photos#cid=9B7CBCA22262A164&id=9B7CBCA22262A164%21771&sc=photos

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