Welcome to our new home


Since the last Sunday services in September last year (2014) at our temporary home which was generously provided by AISHA FLOW YOGA. Our Buddhist community have been in the transition of settle the new home. Our teaching monk, Phra Satit Thitadhammo has been planning and working for the new place since January 2014. We had took slow steps but stable and secure. We minimise all the risk for the future with our experience in managing Buddhist organisation. The good planning also allow us to reduce cost of setting up the new place and our running cost in the future. The convenience access to the services was one of our priority when we was seeking for the new home. It was a fortune that we had got all the options that we was seeking for convenience access, beautiful of the nature, the large size of the land and the existing building that be able to turn to a good size meditation room. Essentially it was in the town planning zone that can officially permitted to be a Buddhist temple.

Right now all the hard work has been done, we are gladly to announce that our new home for Buddhist community in Albury is now due to open door. The first Sunday service will be this Sunday 26th July 2015 10.00-12.30 it is not the official opening, we call “Welcome to our new home” All new and regular comer are welcome. The internal facility and decoration of the meditation room is not 100% finish at this stage. But we have been waiting to meet each other for too long so we better get the soonest possible to come to meet.

10.00 Meditation
10.30 Dhamma talks
11.10 Requesting Five Precepts
11.15 Food Offering to Monks
11.20 Receive Blessing
11.30 Having Lunch

What to bring?

For regular comers would normally bring some food to offer to the Buddhist Monks and share for lunch.
How about the dressing?
Coming to the temple, it is best to remind ourselves that we come to practice so dressing politely in white is suggested however for coming the first time we would not mind as we know you might not have time to prepare.

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