The 5th Anniversary

The 5th Anniversary on Sunday 29th November 2015 will be another significant milestone for the Buddhist Centre in Albury (Dhammakaya Meditation Centre Albury) when things are all in place. They bought the permanent place on a beautiful mountain view site in East Albury last year. The place has been developed to meet the council requirement to be a place of public worship capable to accommodate 30 people for the Sunday service.  The service started soon after they had the approval by the end of July 2015. A part from servicing people locally, the centre also welcome visitors from big cities like Sydney and Melbourne who are very impressed with the peaceful environment and friendly community in Albury.


The celebration expect to get the usual interest from main stream media which will be a great spark to raise awareness to the community that the centre is now opened and welcome the public to experience the Buddhist practice on Sunday at their permanent place.

Bodhi tree transplantation

Bodhi tree transplantation last time was 3 years ago in South Albury

The celebration highlights are VDO presentation of the work in the past 5 years, Bodhi tree transplantation, Fundraising for the Air-condition system of the meditation room (Robe offering). Thai lunch will be served to all participant with compliment from Aloy Thai Restaurant, Shepparton, VIC and other Thai members.


The 5th Anniversary Celebration

Venue: 302 East Street, East Albury NSW 2640


9.30     Registration

10.00   Welcoming Speech (MC)

10.10   5th Anniversary Remarked by Phra Satit

10.15   5th Anniversary VDO Presentation

10.25   5th Anniversary Reflection from Supporters

10.45   Meditation

10.55   Buddhist ceremony

11.15   Blessing

11.20   Bodhi tree transplantation

11.30   Compliment Lunch


Enquiry call Barry 0459 727 316

Facebook event:

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