A joyful day in Cabramatta


It was a joyful day for many people in Cabramatta at Freedom Plaza. Vassa Festival was a worthy course for many volunteers to put their tirelessly work days and nights to make this event successful. Theravadin monks from various national background were invited to be field of merit in this ceremony. 60th Dhammachai Education Foundation organized this event for the second year to bring Buddhist concept to simple practice that help create peaceful culture.


Generosity, toward the Sangha who are worthy of respect always bring joyfulness to all Buddhists. This festival remarks the beginning of the traditional rain retreat for the Sangha which can also be applied to laypeople. This three months duration will be used in self-training for monks in particular place with other Sangha.


The congregation of Buddhist followers will customary organise the offering of necessity for monks to use in this retreat. Symbolically, the candle to provide light for study Dhamma at night even though we all know these days electricity is used instead but people still happily make the same offering as they did in the past when candle was essential to provide light for the temple.


Congregation of twenty monks attended the service leaded by Chow Khun Phrasudhammyanavites Vi (The Most Venerable Sudhammo). Mr  Nhan Tran, representative of the local council gave welcome speech to begin the ceremony. The leader of the Sangha, in his sermon mentioned that in this rain retreat people should take this opportunity to do something good for themselves as well for example practice meditation every day.


Activities today including Sangha Dana – offering necessities to the Sangha, making merit and dedicating the merit to ancestors, paying homage to relics of the Buddha. Flow of Buddhist followers and many passing-by participated in these activities all day until the end of this festival at 3pm.





Photographer: Saranya J Lim & Niky Tanakaan

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