Reflecting on the Global Light of Peace 2017


A week has now passed since the Global Light of Peace 2017 was held at the Big Top in Luna Park Sydney, on the night of the 5th September.

Participants from all Religions, Nationalities and Cultures were impressed with the evening even those already accustomed to working for World Peace.


The large audience enjoyed performances including Aboriginal dancing and music. One of the highlights was the ability to participate in a guided thirty-minute Meditation simultaneously experienced around the world in like-minded Countries and communities. With the aid of modern technology those unable to attend on the night were able to view and participate live on Facebook to help create World Peace through Inner Peace.


The event benefited from the insight and experience of several guest speakers:


Ms Patricia Garcia  a worker with the United Nations Association of Australia spoke of her work focusing on sustainable development goals, seventeen of which were formally adopted by 193 countries. These goals are a plan and a vision to transform the world to a future that we all want. They involve tackling poverty, eliminating injustice and protection of the environment. Ms Garcia explained from meeting refugees from all parts of the world that they all had one thing in common, they all wanted to have peace.


Dr Tomek Wyczesany a Scientist and Author commented on how remarkable it was that we were all here from all parts of the World to support World Peace. He said that we may have different languages and tell different stories but the purpose was the same that is to find a peaceful and happy existence. He spoke of connections with Neuro Science and peace with regard to the human body, when we feel well and function properly we feel healthy. He explained that this orderly and harmonious connectedness of body and mind is called by Scientists the “State of coherence” and he mentioned the importance of healthy habits of body and mind if we wish to see peace in the world, quoting Mahatma Ghandi’s famous saying  “ You must be the change you want to see”


Mr Paul Taylor spoke from the Christian perspective and of how happy he was to be there and to share the evening. He explained that Christians also meditate and that Jesus was a mediator and was able to deliver to the world remarkable teachings about peace and non violence. Mr Taylor said he believed world peace was possible and that it has to start with the worlds religions being able to share in meditation and in deep inner stillness and silence.


Morni Chen during her speech advised we all can definitely bring inner peace but we needed to have the intention and for that we needed to know the value of peace.

She quoted a word she discovered during her time in The Philippines called “Calinao” that means peace. It translated as Clear Mind, she went on to explain the importance of the connection of peace and the ability to have a clear mind.

She reinforced how important it was to be focused on Peace at this time in World events.



Globes representing the light of peace were illuminated by each participant, the image of a room full of individual lights conveying the power of peace as all present meditated together. The event created a joyful atmosphere with many people looking forward to being able to assist MMI next year to create the Global Light of Peace for 2018.


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