Meditation for Peace on Earth Day 22 April 2022 @10.00pm Sydney Time

We know there are conflicts happening around the world. Force will not truly create peace as we have learnt from our long history on earth. Unless we can remove hatred from peoples minds and replace it with love and kindness, conflicts will always continue, the tool to make this possible is meditation. If this can occur on a large enough scale it will finally bring peace to the world. Would you like to participate in this activity?

Dhammakaya Foundation has as its slogan “World Peace though Inner Peace” and has worked towards this mission for more than 52 years. They have on many occasions achieved a large group meditation, in Thailand and the Philippines people meditated together and participated in lighting of candles for Peace.

This Earth Day on Friday 22nd April 2022 they aim for another special event and have invited more than a million people around the world to meditate and light a candle via Zoom. Many hundreds of thousands of candles will be lit at the Dhammakaya Temple located in Thailand. Millions of people will participate via the Zoom room that they register with.

Dhammakaya Meditation Centre, Albury will be one of the regional centres that you can participate with. Venerable Satit our resident monk will be the co-ordinator for Alburys Zoom event. He can be contacted by Whats App +61411453946 or a simple SMS. The Zoom room for the day of the Meeting will be ID 92057107836 Pass code 072

The event will start from 10.00pm (Sydney Time)

Candles Lit to Mark Earth Day 22 April 2021

When candles are lit around the globe simultaneously in support of Earth Day, it will demonstrate that‘PEACE’ does exist. The impact of this event will showcase to the world that peace can occur as they witness thousands of people coming together in the spirit of PEACE. The real power of peace is created from each individual who creates peace in their own minds and shares this with others around them. We cannot do this alone, but when we come together collectively as millions of human beings, we can make it happen. Please tell your friends and loved ones to join this great world event.

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