Two men took a vow in Buddhist ordination

On the full moon of Asalha Puja Day, two men took a vow in Buddhist ordination, one day before the Buddhist lent in Theravada Buddhist tradition started.

Retired Postdoctoral supervisor of Louisiana State University, Dr. Aroon (72), after joining in the MMC meditation program in Thailand for three months and also joining in Buddhist activities with the Dhammakaya centres, Texas (USA), Pathum Thani (Thailand) and Sydney (Australia), decided to adopt the practices and to request monastic life for the second time, 32 years after his first ordination, in search of a new experience. 

Vanchai (68), who had since been in Auckland, New Zealand less than a month after returning to a non-monastic life, from his three months ordination in Thailand, had readily decided to fulfil the wishes of the community in Auckland without hesitation and a positive assurance. The community wished to have five monks to stay over the period of Buddhist Lent in order to hold the Katina ceremony, which comes at the end of Vassa, the three month rains retreat. He joined the ordination in Sydney and flew back to accompany the other four monks in the Auckland centre.

The ordination took place at Wat Prayortkeo Dhammayanaram, Sydney, July 15th, is the largest Lao Buddhist temple in Sydney or even perhaps in Australia. After the ordination the training of the newly ordained monks will be at Thai Temples, Wat Phra Dhammakaya, Sydney and Auckland. There is an appreciable harmonious relationship between the Thai and Lao Buddhist communities.

This is a special time to ordain as it is now the time of Buddhist lent. Men who ordain are able to learn about monastic life, experiencing new practices, the knowledge of life, inner peace. Perhaps this opportunity has helped them to realise they are able to live without materialistic goods in which they confide in, in search for short term happiness. If the ordinand intended to make it temporary he would be adept to applying spiritual knowledge into living life happily as a lay person. Granted that he has desideratum to maintain what has been learnt throughout the rest of laity life.

Reporter: Namwan Boyce

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  1. Very well desciption. Sadhu

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