The Middle Way Launching its First One Day Meditation Course in Brisbane

Originally based in Thailand, the name has become popularly familiar worldwide and has many centres, one of which is based in Sydney and has been operating for over 10 years. The Middle Way has decided to hold its first ever one day meditation course. For ten years the Middle Way has been holding weekend retreats.

The Middle Way team, now with three new members, two of which are qualified Middle Way Meditation Coaches (MMC’s). They, along with 29 other participants from 15 different countries under-went an intense three month training program, held in Thailand earlier this year.

Each MMC, over the period of the three month course were trained to learn the heart of Buddhism in theory and practice, including meditation practice, learning the goal of life, Buddhist teachings and culture. Each were trained the essential skills for there duty as an MMC and therefore hold the responsibility of being able to teach meditation on and off-site pilot project centres as well as to neighbouring countries.

At present the 2nd official MMC course is under way and end October 2nd. The 2ndcourse will be followed by two more training programs held in 2012; they are still awaiting applications from those who are interested.

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Brisbane Meditation Centre requested that the course be held there. The Centre provides audio guided session to all people. Unfortunately Local Australians who are interested are unable to ask questions and receive an in depth answer as there are no coaches based there. It is only until now that there will be experienced meditation coaches to cater to their needs.

The meditation course will be lead by experienced Thai Buddhist Monks who speak fluent English. They teach in a way that is universal, modern and practical. The meditation method they use is the Middle Way meditation technique, one of the most ancient techniques of meditation in the world. Its simplicity, originality and effectiveness have made the Middle way method among the most popular meditation techniques in many countries i.e. Thailand, its international popularity is growing fast.

Middle way meditation is all about self-discovery, relaxation and purification of the mind. This meditation will have no conflict with any religion or creed, a way of meditating so that you can use it in your everyday activities that will create peace in your life. And also bring peace to the world.

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  1. I love this place. It is so peaceful. A good place for Brisbane Meditation.

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