Three Men Take Ordination For Pansa

The morning of Friday 5th of August, a busy working day for some, bacame a special turning point in life for three men. Each man turned from their layty life to persue a monastic life, where they will spend the next three months as monks for this Vassa. Some intend to make this a life long ordination, if possible.

The actual first procession into monastic life was held on the previous Thursday, in Sydney CBD and was then followed by the official ordination ceremony on Friday, in Berrilee.

All three men had travelled from Thailand especially for the ordination. Mr Boonchana Saysunee (47), Mr Werapan Chotivanich (64) and Mr Katanyou Buranakul (63).

Mr Katanyou Buranakul, former deputy principal of a technology said, “I would like to live a pure life as a monk and help in propogating this pure knowledge to others.”

“I would like to take this opportunity to live a monks life for one Vassa and I am more than willing to join again for the 1,000,000 monks ordination in the near future”, said mr Werapan Chotivanich, a doctorate in soil science.

The auspicious event was greeted by a beautiful day at Wat Phra Dhammakaya. Long Por Salee from Wat Lao Chaiyapumi, Sydney was invited to be Upajaya(preceptor) and number of monks joined in for the special ocassion, held in the temples serene shrine. The ceremony followed through from mid day till late afternoon all very exciting as they journied through each procedure going from lay life to monastic life, finally being dressed in robes, once again, a highly proud and joyous moment for each newly ordained monk.

The following day, the new monks took flight to Brisbane, where they will be accompanying and taught by the resident monk there. The new monks have now added to the number of monks in Australia, at least for this Vassa.

It is also very exciting to look forward to seeing the new census result of the fastest growing religion in Australia, Buddhism.

Reporter: Namwan

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