A Special Treat for Past Comers

For the first time in Sydney, The Middle Way Team of Wat Phra Dhammakaya took the pleasure in distributing out a very special invite. The special offer was aimed at inviting those whom has previously attended a weekend Middle Way retreat whether it be from last month up to six years ago.

The Middle Way team directed to offer the course as a “refreshment” for each persons meditation practice, beginning in the morning and finishing later in the afternoon. Each person, as per the invitation was also able to bring or invite along another friend to experience what the course may be like as well.

Ten people took the opportunity by accepting their exclusive invitation to attend the free of charge course on Saturday, 13th August. Three of which, were new comers. Because almost all of the days attendees had previously been taught the techniques of meditation practice, people did not so much need to be taught from scratch, simply reminded. Being able to settle in again, the serene surroundings were also a benefit to those who attended.

Teaching monk Ahjarn Satit recognised many faces, soley dedicating the day as a reward for participants, they all were able to rekindle their bond with meditation and their friendships with others.

Focusing less time on the Dhamma teachings, as would more time be designated on a weekend retreat, the course was based almost purely on time for getting as much meditation practice accomplished as possible.

Being her second time returning to a Middle Way Course, Kaveri Sequiera said “Great to be able to re-inforce the inportance of meditation and benefit in daily life. I would definitely recommend the full weekend retreat for the first time and then do the repeat. Thank you, I am very grateful for this experience.”

Also, Mr. Greg Urch, being his second visit said “My first time was 18 months ago for 2 ½ days. I had always planned to come back. Your meditation to this one day course was an excellent opportunity to reconnect with your team. I felt the four sessions were excellent and not too much. I really enjoyed the day and I feel more commited to continuing to develop more knowledge. Very happy, thank you.”

“This would probably be my 5th time for meditation after Kerry introduced me to it and I have found today to be very beneficial. I thank you for the opportunity to come today and further develop my skills for inner peace”, said new comer, Leah Medwell.

Over all, the course recieved excellent feedback in abundance. Every person highly recommend that one day courses should be held on a more frequent basis as it would definitely be more convinient for those who are unable to take time off work or are unable to attend because of other commitments, it would attract more people. Furthermore, giving past comers a chance to further solidify their meditation practice was certainly a highlight for the middle way team.

Reporter: Namwan

Photographer: Seefar

More info anout the retreat visit http://www.dhammakaya.org.au/retreat/

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