The Relics of Buddha and relics of his disciples will be on display in Woolowin, QLD

Brisbane Meditation Center offer a great oppotunity to view and pay homage to The Relics of Buddha And relics of his disciples “ Exhibition”

More than 80 display

You can explore

  • The history of the arising of Buddha’s relics
  • Meaning of the word about The Buddha’s relics
  • The kind of The Buddha’s relics
  • The properties of the Buddha’s relics
  • The type of the Buddha’s relics

Brisbane Meditation Center, 73 Lodge Woolowin QLD4030

 During :September 19-30, 2011 Grand opening :Sep19, 2011

for  VIP :09.00-11.00 a.m. visitors  :04.00-06.00 p.m.

September 20-30, 2011

09.00-11.00 a.m. And 04.00-06.00 p.m.

Please  call for Booking:  07-38573431 ;07-31037037


“The Excellent gems of Buddhism

Are the triple gems

And one of them is our Lord Buddha

All thing are created for his remembrance

Only  Buddha’s Relics

Are the most importance

Coming from his body for mankind”

The Exhibition will be in Sydney for the New Year 2012 

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