Wrong livelihood for lay followers

Right Livelihood (samma ajivo) is the fifth of the eight path factors in the Noble Eightfold Path, and belongs to the virtue division of the path.


For lay people who have to do work in order to gain income for their living. They must not involve in these five businesses which are:

  • Business in weapons
  • Business in sale human being
  • Business in sale animal for being killed
  • Business in alcohol or intoxicants
  • Business in poison

These five businesses could gain income for someone to live but these businesses harmful to other lives. We should not earn our living on others suffering. When we do these businesses we do it in daily basis that mean we commit wrong doing regularly. Which this is not what our live are for. Ones should find right livelihood to accumulate more merit in daily basis.

We can choose what to make our living so the wises will avoid wrong livelihood.

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