Business owners call for shop blessing

In today competitive world, business owners try to come up with new unique products or services to make the business distinguish from others in order to  keep it flourished, especially the new small business owners, who perhaps invest their entire life saving money into the business. It may be an exciting challenge for them on one hand but on the other, the worrying of losing everything is also presence.

Shop Blessing, Great Aunty Three, Newtown, NSW (17 August 2012)

Great Aunty Three

In Buddhist countries like Thailand and Sri Lanka, some significant changes in the Buddhist lives such as moving into a new house, starting a new business or move into a new office used to initially involve some merit-making – shop blessing or house blessing from Buddhist monks for their peace of mind. It is also a good opportunity to invite friends and family members to join in the activity which can help strengthen the bond with them as well. This blessing and merit-making used to be a must do activity in the old days but in this modern day, it seems to be forgotten. Maybe it is time to bring back this tradition as a way to help people find happiness in life. 

Buddhists believe in the law of nature or the law of Kamma. We receive good outcome from the good cause we made in the past. Thus, the business owners will make a great merit before they start the business and wishing that the fruitful of the merit will support them and protect them from the bad things. One way of making merit is to give or practice generosity. To give to a person with or practicing himself towards having the pure mind, the merit gained will be greater. Buddhist monks who focus on developing their mind are the field of merit for lay people. Therefore, the business owners will invite monks to come to accept their offering and give them blessing for their new business.

Shop Blessing, Aloi Thai Restaurant, Shepparton, VIC (19 August 2012)

In the western country this thing must be adapted, however it has to remain the high value and the same principle. “In conducting the blessing ceremony in Australia we should make it in the understandable way for all audiences.” Ajahn Satit said

The general program for the shop blessing will include, meditation, Dhamma talk in related topics, requesting five precepts and Sangadana Offering. After the offering have been made, the monks will give the blessing in Pali language at the end, the monks may give something to remind them for the practice of the Dhamma.

The Border Mail p.21, 22 August 2012

English translation of the blessing.

Jayaman Gala Gatha (Pahung)

This is about the Stanza of the victorious auspices, recounting instances that the Buddha overcame obstacles by using different techniques:

1st Stanza: The conquest of Mara and his army through the power of generosity

Once upon a time the king of Mara (evil) who manifested himself as a being riding a gigantic elephant, Girimekla, The fierce Mara with thousands arms holding weapons together with his army came to the Buddha with the intention to harm the blessed one who conquered them through the power of his perfection of generosity. Through that power may there be auspicious victory to you.

2nd Stanza: The defeat of the vicious and ferocious ogre Yakka Allavakka through the perfection of endurance

Another time there was an ogre, Yakka Allavakka, who was more malicious and more powerful than the king of evil (Mara). He had contended with all his might to harm the Lord Buddha all night until dawn. The Blessed one overpowered him with his perfection of forbearance. Through that power may there be auspicious victory to you.

The 3rd Stanza: The victory through the power of loving and kindness

Next, Phra Devadhatta betrayed the Lord Buddha by arranging for a fully drunk, Naragiri elephant to harm the Blessed one. The elephant is ferocious like the forest on fire, strong as thunderbolt.  The Lord Buddha overcame it through the power of his loving and kindness. Through that power may there be auspicious victory to you.

4th Stanza: The conquest of the noxious robber through Miraculous Psychic power

Once upon a time the Lord Buddha had overcome the robber Gulimala who was advised by his master that if he killed 1000 people and made a garland with 1000 fingers, he would become the most powerful person. He killed 999 people and came across the Buddha. He thought to himself that he only needed one more finger. The Lord Buddha won over the robber who was chasing him up on a long road (48km) while holding a sword with an intention to kill the Blessed one. With his miraculous power the Lord Buddha weakened the thief who later asked to be ordained as a monk. Through that power may there be auspicious victory to you.

5th Stanza: The Lord Buddha’s victory through serenity and control

Once upon a time Jinjamanvica, enlarged her belly with firewood to make herself look pregnant. She accused the Lord Buddha in the midst of a large crowd. The Lord conquered this accusation with his tranquillity and control. Through that power may there be auspicious victory to you.

6th Stanza: Victory of the Buddha on the debate with Sacca Nikron acetic through his light of wisdom.

Once upon a time the Lord Buddha won upon a debate with an ascetic, Sacca Kanikron who tends to disregard the truth. He hankered after arguments like a banner. He is fully blinded (to the truth). Knowing the ascetic’s persona, the Lord Buddha overpowered him with the light of wisdom and expounded the teaching. Through that power may there be auspicious victory to you.

7th Stanza: The victory of the Buddha over the malicious king of serpent through the power of his disciple.

Another time the Lord Buddha allowed his great disciple, Phra Maha Mogallana, to defeat the tricky king of serpent, Nanthopa Nanda. Phra Maha Mogallana with his magic power turned himself into a Serpent king and tortured Nanthopa Nanda. Through that power may there be auspicious victory to you.

8th Stanza: the conquest of the arrogant and egocentric Paka brahman

This is an episode when the Lord Buddha conquered the powerful self-opinionated Phaka Brahma, who with the wrong views believed that he is endowed with spiritual purity. Through the Lord Buddha’s greater power of wisdom and teaching he won over Phaka Brahma. Through that power may there be auspicious victory to you.

Maha Jayamangala Gatha(Mahaka)

The Lord Buddha who is the supreme refuge of all beings, had been pursuing all perfections out of compassion for all beings. He had attained the highest enlightenment. With this truth may I be blessed with all the blessings.

May I be victorious through this blessing ceremony. May it be comparable to the joy that the Lord Buddha brought to the Sakaya clan with his supreme victory over the king of evil while meditating under the Bodhi tree.

The Lord was experiencing the bliss with his perpetual victory while sitting on a throne, Ajjitta, at Pokara pataphee. This is the practices of all Buddhas.

May, the sponsor who organises this auspicious ceremony at the right time, with righteous effort, even for a short time, who pays homage to the monks who are pure and virtuous in speech, mind and actions, be happy and prosperous.

May I be endowed with all the blessings.

May all celestial beings protect me.

May I be blessed with the Buddha’s power for ever never.

May I be endowed with all the blessings

May all celestial beings protect me.

May I be blessed with the Dhamma’s power for ever never.

May I be endowed with all the blessings

May all celestial beings protect me.

May I be blessed with the Sangha’s power for ever never.

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