The Resumption of Buddhist Sunday Service to the Border


After the unfortunate disruption caused by the ownership issue of the property on Abercorn Street, Wat Buddhavongsayaram Inc. is extremely happy to announce that it  resumed its regular Sunday service for the people of the border region at the new temporary home in Thurgoona on Sunday 8th September 2013.


The place has been very generously offered for us to use for Sunday service by the owner of AISHA FLOW YOGA. “It would be sad if the Sunday service that is regularly held at the temple in Albury will be no longer available to the people of this city. So if my place can be of use for Sunday service while they cannot find a new place, I’m very happy to have them here on Sunday” she said

The last Sunday service at the temple on Abercorn Street had a large gathering. The new temporary place that has been offered has brought a smile to everyone’s face. They were happy that they will not miss out on the Sunday service for too long and that they will see each other again in only 2 weeks time.

The future for a permanent place is still uncertain. Wat Buddhavongsayaram Inc. will work closely with Consumer Affairs of Victoria and local MPs to resolve the issue of the temple property on Abercorn Street. At least if Wat Buddhavongsayaram Inc. cannot obtain this place, then hopefully some other Buddhist organisation can legally operate it as a Buddhist temple.

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