Which way to Albury Buddhist Temple?

The street sign ‘Buddhist Temple’ used to direct the public to the temple on Abercorn Street has recently been removed. The place has stopped its function as a Buddhist temple since the end of August to allow the authority to solve the long running issue of the ownership of the place.

It is rather sad, however the Sunday service of WatAlbury still goes on for all members and general public. With the generous support from AISHA FLOW YOGA in Thurgoona, Ajahn Satit is conducting the service at the AISHA FLOW YOGA premises every Sunday.

“It might be a bit further away from Albury but people who were return  would find the same warm welcoming community as it used to be in South Albury.” Said Ajahn Satit.

Meditation Time

He would also like to appeal to the local media to inform to the public that while the issue of the place in South Albury hasn’t been finalised, everyone is welcome to join the Buddhist community on Sunday at 10.00am at its temporary home of 88 Finlay Rd, Thurgoona.

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3 Responses to Which way to Albury Buddhist Temple?

  1. Peter Ryan says:

    Having participated at both Abercorn Street Temple and at the new temporary Temple at Aisha Flow Yoga, I agree the warm welcoming atmosphere is the same, although not a permanent place of Buddhist practice and merit, the owners of Aisha Flow Yoga are extremely kind and of broad heart to welcome the Albury Buddhist community to their lovely place. The Abercorn Temple site would be a great permanent base for Buddhism in Albury when the ownership is resolved. The site has great potential merit beyond its existing meritorious architecture and grounds. I like many others that rejoice in the meritorious community of the Albury Temple wish to see a speedy and hopefully right action result for the former site. Whatever the outcome I’m sure the good people of Albury will get fitting and noble place for Buddhist practice.

  2. Michael Veres says:

    I have been attending the Albury Buddhist Temple on a fairly regular basis, firstly at the old location in Abercorn street and now at its temporary home in Thurgoona, also a home to Aisha Flow Yoga.
    The old place in Abercorn street has had a long and colourful history, even making headlines in the local media recently, with some senseless vandalising acts being perpetrated by some inconsiderate individuals. While it was sad having to vacate the old premises, we had a good fortune to be generously offered the use of the Aisha Flow Yoga in Thurgoona as a temporary measure. Although the Buddhist teachings are unaltered by a particular building, it is very important to have a nominated place for the community to be able to get together and participate in a service every Sunday. It is indeed fortunate for us as a community to have such generous hosts as Aisha Flow Yoga, thank you Bonnie and your family! I also think that we should show gratitude to the monk, Ajahn Satit for his ceaseless dedication and commitment to continue the service on the Border. This dedication is even more impressive when we consider that Ajahn Satit actually travels from Sydney every weekend in order to hold these services.
    Thanks to everyone’s dedication and generosity, the Buddhist teachings continue to be propagated among the Border community and it will continue to do so regardless of the outcome of the ownership issue of the Abercorn street premises.

  3. John Matthews says:

    I have been a member of the Albury Buddhist Temple for nearly 3 years, at both Abercorn Street and now its temporary home Aisha Flow Yoga in Thurgoona. Aisha Flow Yoga is situated in beautiful surrounds and the owners are indeed wonderful and generous hosts. The building in Abercorn Street is a bit run down with vandalism starting to happen on a regular bases, but it has great potential for future development.
    I know we have to have a nominated place for our community to gather for Sunday service and any other times where need be.
    With the dedication of our monk Ajahn Satit (who travels to and from Sydney weekly) and of our community, whatever the outcome, we will get a fitting place where we can observe Buddhist teachings

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