Heading to the 4th Anniversary with the bright future.

The future of the Buddhist temple in Albury has been uncertain for years.


The Thai monk, Ajahn Satit Thitadhammo took the leadership and forge through all the crisis. Now it is confirmed that he is definitely signing a contract to purchase a large property in East Albury to be a permanent place of the Buddhist temple on the border. He announced this news on Facebook both his own and the temple’s page. Many people who follow the pages have been very excited with joy on the good news. The Buddhist community has been waiting for quite some time for a place to call home. This is the only Buddhist temple in this region time being.


The settlement date is set to be on 24th October 2014, in the meantime, the community is racing to raise $100,000 by the date. They also like to appeal to the public to make some financial contribution as Buddhist community in the regional city like Albury is very small. The temple will contribute many benefits for the whole border community.

Meditation Hall

Kathy Vagg, who has been to the service at the temple, reflected the same statement above in her comment about the temple that:

“The Buddhist temple benefits everyone who attends. It provides a solid base for one to attend and liaise with the community, in a very non-confronting, gentle and grounded way. Community is lacking in this age and brings a set of problems. The good food, lovely people and warmth which is generated from the temple space is beneficial to the individual, who can then go out in the community and generate more compassion and generosity toward others.”

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4 Responses to Heading to the 4th Anniversary with the bright future.

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  2. Peter Ryan says:

    Having had experience a number of Buddhist temples around Australia, I can honestly say that the sense of community togetherness by the people of Albury and surrounding regions (including occasional attendees from Sydney and Melbourne) to devote themselves to making Buddhist merit and working together regardless of the occasion or situation is almost incomparable. The devotion and teaching of the teaching monk, Phra Ajahn Satit is a superb example to all of living and practicing the Buddha’s teaching- the Dhamma.

    The arrival of a permanent home for the Triple Gem of the Buddha, the Dhamma and the Sangha will empower the Buddhist community of Albury and surrounding regions with a great leap forward on a path that Ajahn Satit and the devoted followers have already set in motion.

    I wholeheartedly support and encourage the permanent place for this Buddhist community in what will be a respected, sacred and peaceful home for many years into the future. All power to the Buddhist temple of Albury- Wat Phra Dhammakaya Albury.

  3. janyen quartermain says:

    I wish to donate the first 10% of 100000.

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