100k is needed for the meditation facility.

participant Wat Albury is a Buddhist temple and meditation centre here in Albury. As well as the facilities it provides as a temple it offers training for those wishing to learn meditation. Everyone knows that modern life is busy and stressful. The techniques of meditation are psychological tools that can deal with this stress and create a peaceful refuge from the hustle and bustle of city life. This ancient method of relaxed living is studied and taught at such Western institutions as Sydney University and Oxford University in the UK. At Oxford a whole department is dedicated to researching the psychological benefits of meditation in the West. Of course, Buddhism cannot be reduced to a set of useful techniques; it is a spiritual path that leads its practitioners to live more wholesome lives and to make the best of their lives. But at Wat Albury we realize that not everyone wishes to follow this path right now but that they can still achieve the benefits – in their everyday lives – of practicing meditation. 302east Wat Albury invites you to take part in contributing to the establishment of a permanent meditation-centre facility for this region. Our services are provided freely to the community. Your donation will make this mission possible. The settlement date is set to be on 24th October 2014: in the meantime, the community is racing to raise $100,000 by that date.

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  1. kiew jung says:

    สาธุคะ ขอให้ได้เงินบริจากเยอะๆนะคะ

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