GLOP 2017


Global Light of Peace 2017 (GLOP2017) is another world peace project initiated by Middle Way Meditation institute (MMI) established in Thailand with the aim to promote world peace through inner peace, the meditation practice. The institute has been organising an event of this kind of project and has achieved a great success in The Philippines three years continuously from 2013 to 2015.

This year, MMI is organizing GLOP2017 to remark the 100 anniversary of the discovery of the Middle Way Meditation Practice by its founder master on the full moon day in September*. The event will be held in six continents at the same time.


Sydney will be representing one of six locations, Australia. 60th Dhammachai Education Foundation (60DEF), a charity foundation based in Australia which has one of its objectives in promoting meditation practice, has made its commitment to assist MMI in organising this project in Australia.

The Inner Peace Leaders Retreat was recently held in Sydney on the weekend of 14th-16th July 2017 to unite the hearts of core volunteers of the GLOP2017. Nevertheless, MMI is openly welcome more volunteers who are interested in taking part in the successfulness of this event.

The place to hold the event has to be where the top view image of the LED candle lighting can be clearly captured and also convenience for people to come as well. A hall in Sydney Luna Park was selected as Luna Park in one of the well-known icon of the city of Sydney which will make the event more attractive to people.


The timing of the event is one of a very challenging tasks for the organising committee as this is a global event that runs simultaneously around the world, which means 10.00 pm. in Sydney will be 08.00 am. in New York etc. The tentative programs will start at 8.30 pm. On the full moon night, Tuesday 5th September 2017. The program includes Peace Talks, Peace Music, Meditation and lighting of the Global Light of Peace.

The organising committee is pressed with time and is closer to finalize the program and the online booking system to enable the participants to secure their seats in the GLOP2017.





*Most of the traditional important days in Asia use Luna calendar.

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