Light of Peace on the full moon night at Luna Park Sydney


The press conference of the Global Light of Peace event 2017 was held on the afternoon of Friday the 18 August 2017 at the Palais conference room, Luna Park. This is the first time in Australia this kind of activity has been undertaken and will be organised by The Middle Way Meditation Institute, with assistance and volunteers supplied by the 60th Dhammachai Education Foundation. The facility will be provided by The Big Top, Luna Park in Sydney.



The group of peace makers from around the world are looking forward to the exciting event involving a gathering of a million people who will join the online meditation session to help create world peace on the 5th September 2017. The event will use communication technology to allow anyone to join the online live broadcast.

This event will occur simultaneously with six other international cities from around the world including, New York (USA), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Barcelona (Spain), Mozambique (Africa) and Iloilo City in The Philippines,in Australia the event will be held at The Big Top, Luna Park Sydney from 8.30pm-11.00pm


Global Light of Peace 2017 at each site will include a thirty-minute meditation session, Words of peace from multi-faith spiritual leaders, live peace music and the global light of peace image.


Tickets are available now and can be booked online at

For further information call Jaye on Mob. 0402 255 434

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