Buddhist Services Online #Stayhome

The health and wellbeing of the community is our top priority. In order to help slow the spread of COVID-19 we decided to turn our regular Sunday service to be online services on facebook live so everyone can join it from home.


Let click like and follow our Facebook page


Sunday service start 10.00 am

10.00am Dhammachak Chanting
10.18am Meditation
10.55am Blessing in Pali


People can join the service from home on their smartphone, ipad, computer or smart TV

Additional to the Sunday service we also have 30mins chanting in the evening at 8.00pm everyday seven days a week.

Evening Chanting 8.00pm

The Chanting in the evening we have 2 Sutta , We try to keep it simple and use these two meaningful Sutta to help purify our mind before meditation.

  1. Rattana Sutta
  2. Dhammachakkappavattana Sutta

Download the chanting paper (Pali English) here https://1drv.ms/u/s!AsUIrtF3p_jph-8uz3hCPZE3nDCWIQ?e=mNbro9


The live on https://www.facebook.com/MeditationAlbury will start around 7.50pm to wait for everyone to get ready and chanting start 8.00pm till around 8.30pm the live will be ended and you could take time after this to do your own meditation.


If you like to make offering please transfer you donation to
The Good Friends Albury Inc.
BSB 082406 Acc 713485490

This fund will then turn to be food for monks and maintenance cost on your behalf.

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