We now offer Sunday services in two ways in person and online (Zoom)

Our regular Sunday service start at 10.00am. Feel free to come around 9.30 am so you have time to greeting to friends before the ceremony start.

Also the online service on Zoom will open 9.30am for greeting as well


Wat Phra Dhammakaya Albury

Meeting ID 92057107836

Passcode 072

10.00 Dhammachakkappawattana Sutta Chanting

10.20 Guided Meditation

10.50 Dhamma Talks or Dhamma Conversation

11.10 Requesting Five Presepts

11.15 Food Offering

11.30 Lunch

For further info. contact us on Dhammakaya Meditation Centre, Albury | Facebook

or whatapp +61411453946

What to bring?

For regular comers would normally bring some food to offer to the Buddhist Monks and share for lunch.

How about the dressing?

Coming to the temple, it is best to remind ourselves that we come to practice so dressing politely in white is suggested however for coming the first time we would not mind as we know you might not have time to prepare.

It you unable to come in person but like to make donation


If you like to make offering please transfer you donation to
The Good Friends Albury Inc.
BSB 082406 Acc 713485490

This fund will then turn to be food for monks and maintenance cost on your behalf.

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