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Many have found themselves interested in Buddhism and start to research the practice, listen to dharma talks, read Buddhist books and so on. Some start to have questions on how to take themselves on the path. They may have been told that the simple 3 fold path is Dana(Giving) Sila(Precepts) and Samadhi(Meditation). But they still don’t know how they can commence to walk the path. To join a Buddhist group and visit a temple is a simple step to commence on the journey with likeminded friends and Dhamma teachers to walk with you so you do not feel so alone.

The Dhammakaya Buddhist temple in Albury offers a zoom room for people to meet and practice together from their own homes. This service started due to the lockdown in the early stages of the COVID pandemic. And it has proven to be a pleasant visual experience to be with the teaching monks and friends daily or whenever they have free time for themselves.

Since Zoom is a bit like a closed group, new people can be reluctant to join. This article presents you with testimonials from people from all walks of life who regularly participate with us every day.

If you like to join us you would be most welcome, we are here every day on Zoom ID 92057107836 Passcode 072

Or link

7.30am -8.15am Morning Chanting + Parita Chanting

7.00pm-7.50pm Meditation (First 10 mins. is greeting time)

8.00pm-8.25pm Dhammachakkapawattana Sutta Chanting


I’m a farmer in Northeast of Thailand, I own a substantial small piece of land. It is a source of food for our family and the excess is sold to gain some income. I am also involved in a village traditional handmade garment group. These things I do for my living and to help others. To fulfill my happiness in life, I have found that having good friends and guidance from Buddhist monks is a blessing. I have joined the group on zoom and practice chanting and meditation with them since the pandemic began. No matter where we are we can keep this connection to the practice alive. In return we are full of energy to make our days happy and fulfilled. Meditation has transformed me to live a happier life, it is a simple way to find happiness.

Graham…Cheshunt Vic, I followed Tibetan Buddhism for several years, but Covid, distance to Melbourne, and age made it difficult.I have now found Phra Satit at Wat Dharmakaya Albury. Both types of Buddhism teach the word of our Buddha, with minor differences. I am not a scholar so I just simply follow the five precepts and eight-fold noble path the best I can. You don’t need lots of books and theories to be a good person in your heart. Each night I go on zoom for meditation and chanting and spend some time talking to my dharma friends from around the world before our meditation session starts.

Anna: I’m a nanny, before the pandemic I was depressed after finding a cancer and having to have treatment. I have realised the uncertainty of life and I have felt fear, Since I already practiced Buddhism, I tried to do more to make myself feel more at ease. I went to the temple in Sydney more regularly. But since the pandemic I could not go to the temple. I wanted to be with a group to keep the daily practice. I found joining zoom had really helped me to keep myself happier every day. Once I found the daily practice it has helped me to get back to the stillness of the mind more easily when I have a chance to get back for the meditation weekend retreat. Additionally, I feel thankful for the friendship of this zoom room that helps me to feel I’m not alone. I also feel confident that whenever I need some advice, I can ask the monk. He always gives me a direct solution to get myself back on track.

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