The Annual Robe Offering Ceremony 2022

The Annual Robe Offering Ceremony
The Biggest merit event of the year.

During the rain retreat this year, there are not enough monks at Wat Phra Dhammakaya Albury to obtain the Kathina Robe. However, we could still hold a robe offering ceremony.

Every year, this significant offering is eagerly anticipated by lay Buddhist. The Kathina Robe was traditionally offered alone on this day, but it is now well recognised as an annual fundraising event to support financial obligations or funding projects for the temples.

On Sunday 23rd October 2022, we are holding The Annual Robe Offering Ceremony here to contribute to the remaining repayments of this beautiful centre. The centre hosts year-round gatherings for both on-site and through Zoom to practice Dhamma. We began using Zoom during the pandemic and created various sessions to accommodate people from afar to access our service. Countless rounds of Sutta chanting and uncountable hours of meditation practice have been completed, all of which continue to provide daily support to numerous people around the world.

Wat Phra Dhammakaya Albury uses this beautiful natural setting to help people feel relax and get their mind on the right path. The Dhammakaya meditation method was revived in Thailand almost 100 years ago by the Great Master Phramongkolthepmuni, famously known as Luangpor Wat Paknam. It is one of the most popular meditation techniques practiced by Buddhists and non-Buddhists around the world. The method is simple, easy, and effective.

We are grateful to all of our supporters, past and present, who have helped the centre’s establishment and continue to serve the community. We hope that you will help us again this year in reducing this financial obligation during this period of rising interest rates. We are aware that we might not be able to reduce it to zero this year, but we hope we will succeed in doing so in a few years.

We also have good news: two additional monks from Thailand will be joining the Sangha here. Therefore, more days and hours of service as well as more variety of activities to accomplish various needs could be offered to the community.

Wat Phra Dhammakaya Albury will continue to bring happiness and wisdom to many people. People with brighter minds would make the world better place to live. We share the merits that we make here with you. May the merit you have accumulated bring you and your family a bright future, be well, happy, healthy, live a long life, and make good progress in your Dhamma practice.

Program on the Day

9.30 am Welcoming speech and greetings
9.45 am VDO presentation
10.00 am Paying homage to the Triple Gem
10.05 am Meditation session
10.30 am Dhamma Talk
10.40 am Requesting Five Precepts
10.50 am Robe Offering
11.00 am Receive blessings
11.10 am Alms Offering (Tak Bat) for 5 Monks
11.30 am Lunch

How about the dressing?
Coming to the temple, it is best to remind ourselves that we come to practice so dressing politely in white is suggested however for coming the first time we would not mind as we know you might not have time to prepare.

*Relevant reading that may help you to understand the Dhamma talks of the day.

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2 Responses to The Annual Robe Offering Ceremony 2022

  1. Annie Calabria says:

    We look foward to coming. Annie and Paul

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