Buddhists from the border join Kathina Ceremony in Sydney

After the end of the Buddhist Lent which fell on 12th October this year, many Buddhists
anticipated the special time for the special merit making “Tod Kathin or
Kathina”, the annual ceremony that is to be held within one month after the end
of the lent.

This year a group of Buddhist followers from Wat Buddhavongsayaram in Aubury organised a bus trip to join the Kathina ceremony at Wat Phra Dhammakaya Sydney.

For many who make this trip,this is the first time that they participate in such ceremony and it is an “eye opener” for them as they join with the big congregation of three hundred
people. The temple was so colourfully decorated but yet peaceful with the natural
view. Foods from eight different stalls that offered free to all were great.

Then the ceremony itself – the magnificent Kathina procession led by beautiful
flower girls, one of them was Nong Ploy from Aubury. It followed by flag
holders and the leaders of Kathina who make the main contributions to the
temple in this occasion. The participants from Aubury were very happy to be
part of this procession as well.

“Our visit to Wat Phra Dhammakaya and specifically our participation in Kathina ceremony was an eye opener. I have learned more about the the concept of re-introducing meditation into the service rather than just having ceremonial service. I have witnessed a
spectacular ceremony of Kathina and for that all I can say is thank you! It was an absolute visual feast! It was full of colour and happiness expressed by all
participants. The whole day’s proceedings were just beautiful to watch and to
be part of. There was an overwhelming feeling of large family or a whole
village coming together and sharing nice time and, of course nice food
together. I have also observed the politeness and respect shown by all, not
only to monks but to each other as well; which was very refreshing to see. I
hope that all participants from Albury had equally nice experience.” Michael
Vares, a participant from Wodonga VIC.

“Despite the large number of attendee’s at Kathina, the event still maintained a very warm
feeling of family, and unity amongst all people. It was a great opportunity to
meet new friends from all over NSW, that share the same values. The event was
very well planned, and the hard work (behind the scenes) was very appreciated
by all.” Joanna Barnett, a participant from Albury

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