Fundraising for flood victims in Thailand

Ajahn Satit of Wat Buddhavongsayaram Inc. the only Buddhist temple in Albury has joined fundraising with the Oceania Thailand flood relief centre patronised by Somdej Phra Puttajarn, the chairperson of the Supreme of Patriarch’s Representative Committee.

“When many areas in Thailand have water flooding, I understand that it will not just flood only few days or a week it will be like that for months till the water level will be back to normal. Therefore people including monks will have to live in the area in that difficult situations. We here in Australia, would like to offer help where we can.”
Said Ajahn Satit.

On 20th October 2011 there was a grand opening of The Buddha Shop – Dean Street Albury . The shop supported the fundraising by donating 10% of the sale on the opening day.  They had a donation box at the counter of their shop so people in Albury could show their generosity by making a donation.

Ajahn Satit on behalf of Thai monks would like to also thank WINTV to have the news up on that evening that could help let people in Albury aware of the fundraising.

Saturday 5th November 2011. Ajahn Satit walk for alms round and leaded fundraising volunteers for flood victims in Thailand. The walk was aim to show the Spirit of Kindness and Generosity of people in Albuty to our friends the other part of the world who are in need.

The fundraising walk was start from 10.00 am on Dean St & Townsend St corner follow the arrow on the map. Fundraising volunteers handed out the flyer and donation box was available for generous donors. The Buddha Shop again made the 2nd donation for Thailand flood relief.

Bangkok Underwater – Alan Taylor – In Focus – The Atlantic

These VDO shows how your donation via Dhammakaya Foundation had assisted flood victims in Thailand

We proudly announce that two businesses in Albury has received the certificate of merit from the Flood Relief Centre.

Tฺhe Buddha Shop Albury

Da’s Thai Massage, Albury

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