Free One month intensive meditation program in Thailand

Inner Peace Leader Training Program #1 will be held from 9th January – 5th February 2012

Application must be submitted by 30th November 2011

Have you ever searched for personal tranquility? Or wondered how you can be part of a peaceful solution to humanity’s innumerable conflicts? Then become a part of this pioneering program.
World Peace through Inner Peace

The Inner Peace Leader Training Program is a program that evolved from the vision of Most Venerable Dhammajayo Bhikkhu, who aims to share the message of “World Peace through Inner Peace” with the world. What has been discovered is that tranquility of the mind experienced through meditation can lead one to joy and happiness. The method to this discovery was simple, but the experience was profound.

The concept of world peace is not new, and the campaign for World Peace through Inner Peace is one gaining momentum. It is a concept that evolved from the discovery that inner peace and happiness can be experienced through meditation. The transformation in thinking and behavior from peace and happiness that lies within will generate a more peaceful environment.

While cultural, racial, and religious differences between people are easy to identify, even more universal and powerful is the desire for humanity to seek peace and happiness.  Meditation is the practice which encompasses all faiths and cultures, contradicting none.

The campaign for “World Peace through Inner Peace” was launched in Thailand in 2006, and as we continue to put it into motion on a more global scale, we want you to be on the forefront of this growing movement. This is an opportunity we do not want you to miss out on.  Come be a pioneer in this campaign for World Peace and make a difference today.

Be part of a World Inner Peace Congress

We are searching for energetic individuals to represent every country throughout the world to come experience the path to inner joy and tranquility. If we can attract representatives of peace – representing all nationalities, races, or faiths – to come together to experience this joy and tranquility, the cultural differences will become insignificant. What they will find is that we share the same desire for and experience of peace and happiness. When this takes place, we are sure that the rest of the world will listen.

One Month of Inner Transformation

Selected delegates will take part in a specially designed course where you will learn the methods to improving one’s mental equilibrium and receive invaluable lessons in the science of the mind. You will gain invaluable tools for facing any situation with mental clarity and composure. In the 1-month training program, you will be provided with room, accommodation, and lessons during your stay in Thailand at no cost.

Upon completion of the course, you will be able to share your experiences and educate your fellow human beings of the importance of inner peace. You can support the work of inner peace education in different ways, by your help and input. All of this is vital to making World Peace happen.

Instruction is being offered in the English. All courses will be conducted at Wat Phra Dhammakaya in Pathum Thani and its training facilities in Thailand.

More info visit

or talk to our local monk Ajahn Satit 0411 453 946

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