Buddhist communities joined force for Thailand flood relief

On Sunday 6th November, the ground of Cabravale Leisure Centre, Cabramatta was filled with thousands of Buddhist from the Cabramatta and Fairfield area for a Vegetarian Food Fair Festival, a fundraising for Thailand flood relief

Thailand has been inundated with the worst flood in decades for the last few months. Hundreds and thousands of people are affected and all helping hands are needed. Buddhist communities around Sydney have joined together to show their kindness to Thailand flood victims especially to the Thai Buddhist monks.

The event began with chanting led by Most Ven. Thich Bao Lac and
Most Ven. Phra Kru Palad Nayogvorawat the representative of the Oceania
Thailand flood relief centre. Then vegetarian lunch from many generous groups
was offered to all attendants for free. Also entertainment on the stage offered
by musicians, performers and singer s from various group were enjoyed by all.

The donation for the day was received by the representative from
the Oceania Thailand flood relief centre patronised by Somdej Phra Puttajarn,
the chairperson of the Supreme of Patriarch’s Representative Committee,

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